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People In Tennessee Show Their Respects to the Late Tina Turner

JACKSON,Tn.-People have been stopping by the Tina Turner museum in Brownsville,to pay their respects to the late Tina Turner.

39 News spoke to several fans of Tina Turner who shared some of their best memories of her.

“My memory of Tina goes way, way back to my teenage years and a little bit older. I was in Vicksburg, Mississippi, where i grew up, and she and her husband Ike at the time came to the blue room, which was a nightclub where she performed there. and of course, they killed it,” said Shirley Flowers.

“So as the years progressed back in about 1980, I was staying in a hotel in Chicago and she came to the hotel and that's when I saw her live in person,” says Leniece woods.

One of her fans went to a Zumba class that was dedicated entirely to the late Tina Turner.

“This morning when I went to the class, as you can see, I'm looking all sweaty. I went as in the class, and the whole class was dedicated to her. all the songs were dedicated to her. and I loved it,” said Cindy Clay.

These three women shared that they have loved Tina Turner since childhood and will always consider her an icon.

“Rest in peace, Tina!” they exclaimed in unison.

Tina Turner was named the queen of rock and roll and was loved by many. Her legacy will continue to live on and inspire generations to come.

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