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People Gather in Downtown Jackson to Demand Justice for Tyeasha Starks and Gun Control Change

JACKSON, Tenn. - People from Jackson and Memphis gathered in downtown Jackson for justice of the murder of Tyeasha Starks.

Today marks two months since Tyeasha’s murder, and two days since Tennessee legislation moved forward to protect gun firms.

“It’s a trap for our children, it’s a trap for our people, to keep going to the grave sites.”

Black Lives Matter activist who goes by the name of “Momma D” believes this gun reform is a straight path to more graves.

Proposal of lowering the legal age to carry to 18 years old also received disapproval.

“Eighteen-year-olds carrying guns, I remember when I was 18, I probably didn’t need a gun.”

This Memphis activist believes Tennessee legislation is only making it easier to access guns, despite other protests still happening at the Capitol.

“And y’all got to remember, the most dangerous gun is a legal gun. It’s not the stolen gun, we hear about that killing somebody every now and then, but we often hear about a child getting a gun, a legal gun, and shooting themselves on accident. We hear about all of these massacres, every massacre that you can think of, even the one we just had in Nashville, that was a legal gun.”

Lawmakers are expected to finish a legislative session as early as this week.

39 News will continue to update you as more gatherings are held to demand justice for Tyeasha Starks, and for gun control change.

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