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Paris Tennessee Host's The World's Biggest Fish Fry!

PARIS, Tn.-Rain or shine the catfish will be frying here in Paris Tennessee at the World’s Biggest Fish Fry! A little rain didn't stop people from coming from all across the country to enjoy the 13,000 pounds of catfish! Here's what they had to say!

“Well, it's my first fish fry. there's a lot of folks out here. It seems like a lot bigger deal than I thought it was going to be, to be honest with you. but it's so much fun. Everybody's having a good time. It's a little rainy out, but we're having a good time. it's been fun.” says Bryson O'Malley of Alabama.

“My grandfather was born here. So, we come down every year for the fish fry and kind of have a reunion, a family reunion, because everybody comes down from all the states. and so, it's, it's a real good time and I'm excited to be here,” explains China Blakemore of Illinois.

“I'm really excited for the fish fry because I come every year and I like to see all the hostess princesses and, like, eat fish and everything,” says Emerson Roseduke.

“I think it's just a great way to bring everybody in west Tennessee together and celebrate each other and to see what west Tennessee has to offer,” says Katie Alexander.

Man it's the world’s biggest fish fry, yesssirr,” exclaims Malik Dunlap

As you can see people are more than excited for this year’s catfish festival! if you are interested in joining in on the fun you have until this Sunday. The festival will include carnivals, an arts and crafts show, a junior fishing rodeo, catfish races, and so much more. Parades and street dance are free but there is a fee for the fish tent, demolition derby, carnival rides, and rodeo!

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