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Parents Seek Justice After Death of 22yr Old Daughter Tyeasha Starks

JACKSON, Tn.- Parents of a shooting victim are seeking justice after 22-year-old Tyeasha Starks was killed in Madison County earlier this year.

Parents and family tells 39 news that Tyeasha Starks was going to pick up her child from his father in February. while getting her son an argument broke out between Tyeasha and the boy's grandfather. The family claims soon after, the grandfather shot at young Tyeasha a total of 5 times. So far, no one has been charged with Tyeasha’s death. Family friend and activist karen spencer-mcgee is frustrated

“How does a young 22-year-old woman get shot to death two months ago today and nobody knows about it, you know? So who does this man know that he can shoot and kill a young mother, keep her baby? And there were two other females and a six-month-old in the car and he aint been charged with anything in 2 months?”

Memphis activist Casio Montez is demanding answers after two months have gone by with no justice.

“How could you leave a person on hold like that? how could you leave a person without answers? and you gave them your word. and when we approach your office .. we get treated like criminals even by the receptionist.”

Montez promises to continue to fight for answers for the Starks family.

“They always want to label us as criminals don't give them what they want. but we demand these answers though. If they don't think for a second that I'm not serious, I can show them. and I'm doing it the right way, with pen and paper.”

The mother and father of Tyeasha Starks just want closure.

“I just want justice for my daughter, and I want answers,” says her mother.

“I'm Tyeasha's father and I just want justice..”

District Attorney Jody Pickens told 39 News this afternoon that he denies his office has done “nothing”, and there have been many discussions with investigators about the case. The DA says a decision on charges will not be made until the investigation is complete. The family continues to fight for justice for their daughter while in mourning. Tyeasha would have been 23 years old a month from today.

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