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Over 1500 residents vaccinated after recent snowstorm

When the snowstorm shut down most of West Tennessee, many were stuck at home, unable to go to clinics. This left a large number of doses that needed to be used as quickly as possible.

“We got the vaccine during the week of ice and snow, and so we had a concise window of time to be able to give the vaccine,” said Amy Garner, the Chief Compliance and Communications Offer for West Tennessee Healthcare.

In a short period, West Tennessee Health care pulled together a drive at three locations.

“So we were very pleased with the way the event turned out because it was such short notice.”

The sites were lane college, UT Martin Selmer Campus, and Humboldt medical center. Over the weekend, over 1,000 residents were vaccinated.

“But we ended up giving over 1500 doses just in those four hours on Saturday in the three communities,” said Garner.

Those recipients received the Pfizer vaccine, which requires a second dose in 21 days. Reports say over nearly 3 million Americans have been vaccinated, and over ten percent did not return for their second dose within the recommended interval.

Garner says that is not the case in madison county.

“But I have not heard any issues with us having any problems getting people to return for their second dose,” said Garner.

West Tennessee Health Care will administer those second doses on March 20 at those same locations. The staff is also in the process of planning for their second drive.

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