Organizations in the behavioral health services field are looking for more help

Behavioral health services continues to see a growth in the need for their help with people suffering mental illness.

Over 50% of organizations in this field have seen a demand for their services over the past year.

“It feels like we are constantly looking for good people who are qualified and looking to come into mental health as far as our crisis program. We are continuing to seek out people in west Tennessee", says West Regional Supervisor at Youth Villages specialized crisis services, Glen Gaugh.

Youth Villages is one of the many organizations that help with mental health in Tennessee.

They too have seen an alarming rise in calls that trace back to the effects of what is going on in the country.

“Our fiscal year that we are in the middle of right now is trending to be on par or higher than our 2019 or 2020 year was. So, we definitely continue to see an uptick in calls and assessments", adds Gaugh.

Youth villages has a 24 hour hotline for youth that are seeking help.

They also work with many local agencies, like the Sheriffs Department.

“Officers are trained in mental illness, we actually run the mental transport unit. And those are people who have an involuntary commitment", says Madison County Sherriff, John Mehr.

Madison County has one of 10 mental illness training centers for law enforcement in the country, teaching law enforcement officers how to understand if a person has a mental health issue and how to help.

“Especially during this COVID time during the last year our numbers have risen on domestics and then you turn out and a lot of it has to do with mental illness", adds Mehr.

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