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Online Program "Financial Fridays" Coming Back to Help You Balance Your Budget

JACKSON, Tenn. - With inflation still here, what’s called “Financial Fridays” will start one week from today.

It's an award-winning online program to help you balance your budget.

“Money affects everything, you gotta live, you gotta pay to live. So, getting those tools, and that research-based education on how to budget and invest your money, and all those good things, it’s really going to help you.”

Deanna Poole is an agent with the Gibson County family and consumer sciences.

She helped organize “Financial Fridays” that will be held every Friday at noon in February.

Each week will feature a different guest speaker who will talk about different financial topics such as avoiding credit crashes, introduction to investing, and knowing how to budget during inflation.

"We’re starting out talking about budgeting and how it’s changing because of inflation the cost of everything is up. and so, it’s a good time to revisit our budgets, and look at where we can cut some costs, and look at ways we can continue to save because that’s still important.”

“Financial Fridays” agent Tenille Short helped start the program at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and she believes it is needed now more than ever.

“This is where we need to go back and reexamine our budgets. Some of us are still operating on budgets from five years ago, and as we know, wages might have increased a little bit, but we know the price of everything has increased substantially as well.”

Poole and Short encourage you to attend a class, or all of them.

To register for each zoom class, you can visit the UT TSU Extension Gibson County Facebook page.

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