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Old Country store in Jackson combines faith and business by hosting a Bible study


After hearing the story of a restaurant Bible study in another state, Old Country store owner Wanita Shaw decided that she wanted to do the same thing here in Jackson. She placed Marta Pufahl her dining room manager in charge of organizing the bible study. Marta says that it is important to the company to start doing ministry to the community,

“We’re a christ based company, so that’s how we run out business, and it's really important to us to serve the Lord in everything we do here. And this is just a bigger way of us to be able to serve the lord in the public aspect and not just in our business aspect.”

The bible study just began a few weeks ago but already many members of the community are attending.

One of the members of the Bible study, Debbie Currie one of the members of the bible study says that everyone is welcome to join,

“Think of it more like a restaurant, like you would just walk into a restaurant that you don’t know and you just take a seat and everybody introduces themselves or not. It’s very very easy to join and you don’t have to come the next week if you don’t want to."

The bible study is called testimonies at the table and it meets every Thursday from 9:30 to 10:15 at the old country store. The store says this bible study is just one step towards more ministry to the community.

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