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Obstacles voters could face at the polls on election day

Voter Suppression is a strategy used to influence an election’s outcome by preventing or discouraging groups of people from voting.

“Tennessee has a tragic history with voter suppression,” said Ernest Brooks

Local Attorney Ernest brooks shares how voter suppression tactics are used across the state. These include unfair photo-id requirements and limited polling places in certain cities.

“Photo ID laws that are draconian, as well as fewer early voting opportunities and fewer precincts in certain cities,’’ said Brooks.

And early voting opportunities include voting by mail. As the coronavirus is a concern for Americans, many decided to cast an absentee ballot. However, in Tennessee, residents could not use the pandemic as a reason to request an absentee ballot.

Voter intimidation is another issue that many have faced and could encounter this week on election day.

“We’ve had so many signs stolen and vandalized. we are very concerned about voters being intimidated at the polls.”

This month a poll worker was fired in Memphis for turning away voters wearing “black lives matter” and “I can’t breathe” t-shirts. experts say only shirts with candidates’ names are prohibited, and the same applies in madison county.

“The voting place is supposed to be something of a sanctuary where any candidate does not influence you. So you cannot wear any paraphernalia with a candidate’s name,” said Kim Buckley, administrator of Elections.

Other issues some may encounter could be intimidating phone calls or the receipt of invalid voter information.

Election night is this week, as well as the last day to vote. Anywho face problems or have any confusion, attorney brooks says there is a hotline number to call. 8

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