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NYE celebrations look different this year as COVID-19 numbers continue to rise

The usual large crowds and lumps of confetti falling from the sky will probably not be seen much this year for new year’s eve celebrations. Some places have cancelled their annual events all together while others are trying to bring in the new year as safe as possible.

This room at Double Tree by Hilton in Jackson looks a little different than it did last year around this time.

The hotel usually hosts a new year’s eve bash to bring in the new year, but they decided to cancel this year’s event because of the ongoing pandemic.

“It’s a little different than what we have done in the past, but hopefully we are going to finish out 2020 with a bang and be ready for back to a more normal 2021", says director of sales, catering, and marketing, Mary Ross.

Although the bash is not happening their food service staff will still be able to work since they are keeping their dinning room open for guests to bring in the new year a little different.

Ritz Magic Wheels still plans on having their annual New Year’s Eve balloon drop, just COVID-19 friendly.

“With those two parties we are just hoping people are wanting to come and have a good time. We have a huge floor, they can be socially distanced they can be able to wear their masks and be safe. We just want all the kids to have an option and all the parents and families to have something to do on new year’s eve too", says manger of Magic Wheels, Ben Hunt.

Hunt says they want to keep the tradition going this year especially with everything that happened throughout 2020.

"We will obviously be doing everything that we can to keep groups socially distanced between each other, wearing face masks and everything like that when they are in the building. We are going to do everything to keep kids safe and keep kids having a good time", he adds.

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