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North Side High School Student Awarded Over $1 Million in Scholarships

Jackson, TN. (WNBJ)-

The valedictorian of North Side High schools 2022 graduating class, Jamarrea Anderson, received 1.2 million dollars in scholarships for his academic accomplishments. While at North Side he played football and basketball. He was the Student Council President, Beta Club President, played in the band, and was a gospel choir member, all while maintaing a 4.0 grade point average. Anderson told me his daily planner was a key factor to his success. Jamarrea Anderson (North Side High School Valedictorian) stated, “I have a planner that I use a lot, and it helps tremendously. Just writing everything down that allowed me to just flow.”

Anderson says he is motivated daily by the younger generation. He hopes to lead by example for the youth in his community by showing them how to manage their time and make positive choices. Jamarrea Anderson (North Side High School Valedictorian) told 39 news, “I just want to be a beacon of life for the youth, that’s my goal. Helping people like me that are young looking for something to do, or somewhere to go to keep people off the streets.”

In the fall, Anderson will be headed to his dream school in Atlanta, Gerorgia, Morehouse College. To pursue a degree in psychology. Jamarrea Anderson (North Side High School Valedictorian) emphasized, “Morehouse was just always my top college. I knew from the beginning of this year. Because honestly, I didn’t have a dream school going through school. I never was like—I have to get into this school. But, coming into this year I started looking into the schools I wanted, and I knew I wanted to be at an HBCU.”

Jamarrea leaves this word of advice for the youth… Jamarrea Anderson (North Side High School Valedictorian) stated, “never bring down a high goal, or something you feel is too high for you to achieve. Nothing is too high. The sky is the limit.”

Makayla Davis

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