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Nonprofit Foundation Honors Legacy by Giving Back to High School Students

JACKSON, Tenn. - The Tyler Matthew Curtis Hill Foundation believes high school students deserve the opportunity to achieve their academic and athletic goals.

That’s why it’s hosting a March Madness basketball tournament, and its proceeds go towards the nonprofit’s educational scholarship program.

“And after his passing, it just moved me to do something in his honor, and to support his legacy, we decided that we’re going to help every child that we possibly can go to college and have the opportunity for a higher education.”

Bonnie Watts is not only the president of the Tyler Matthew Curtis Hill Foundation, but more importantly, Tyler’s mother.

Watts started the nonprofit in her son’s memory, who tragically passed in 2016.

He was a student at Tennessee State University, in Nashville.

Tyler’s legacy inspires the foundation, and other young people.

“When I got there, I saw Tennessee State University, and that’s where Tyler went so seeing that, seeing that type of environment, what college could look like, that put me in a good spot to where ‘that’s something that I want to do.’”

Quinton Idleburg is one of the students the foundation has sponsored.

Through the foundation, he was able to tour Tennessee State University, and now is giving back to the nonprofit by volunteering and promoting it through his photography and videography.

The basketball tournament takes place tomorrow at the T. R. White Sportsplex from 9 A.M. until 5 P. M.

For more information about the Tyler Matthew Curtis Hill Foundation, you can visit

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