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New York Times Article Features Mayor Scott Conger

Jackson, TN. (WNBJ)-

Mayor Scott Conger and the City of Jackson are getting some national news attention today. His innovative look at crypto currency is being highlighted by the New York Times. In the article entitled “the rise of the crypto mayors.” Mayor Scott Conger explains some plans he has for the use of cryptocurrencies in the City of Jackson. One option the mayor is working on is giving city employees the option of receiving their paychecks through bitcoin. Alex Reed (City Manager for the City of Jackson) stated, “employees that opt in to participate in the program, they’ll receive their checks normal. It’s similar to, we have a deferred payment programs and other things like that, that will then go into a bitcoin account or a deferred compensation account.”

Like many Madison County resident’s Chad Williams expressed his uncertainty with bitcoin and the new payment process mayor conger is working on. Chad Williams (Madison County Resident) explained, “to be honest I would have to do some research to see the benefits. If there is some I wouldn’t mind, but I would have to see the benefits. I don’t play with my money.”

Another plan mayor conger is working towards is the installation of a digital mining network in a deserted wing of city hall. City Manager Alex Reed explained this innovation is something we probably will not see for a while. “that’s more of a long-term plan. Right now, we’re looking to let the employees make the choice with their own money and how they invest it.”

In the article mayor conger stated. “Bitcoin is a great financial equalizer,” he went to explain, “it’s a hedge against inflation. It can bridge that wealth gap.” Alex Reed (City Manager for the City of Jackson) informed us, “it’s available to anybody. You can get an app on your phone. You could go online and buy bitcoin you don’t have to be on the New York stock exchange. It’s available to all the people.”

While cryptocurrency is a growing phenomenon many people are hesitant about investing. Jackson residents agree it is something that deserve a little more independent research. Chad Williams (Madison County Resident) stated, “this is becoming a big deal, I think. Just like anything you got to research.”

Makayla Davis

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