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New treatment available for COVID-19 patients at two WTH Hospitals

There is a new treatment available for COVID-19 Patients at two West Tennessee Healthcare Hospitals; however, this is not available to all patients as there some requirements to receive the medication.

Bamlanivimab is the new drug available at North Jackson and Dyersburg hospitals.

“It is made with mad made antibodies similar to those that are present in patients that have recovered from COVID-19,” said Amy Garner, Chief Compliance and Communications Officer.

Health experts found that Bamlanivimab may limit the virus in those who receive the treatment within ten days of noticing symptoms. The medication could also prevent hospitalization.

“The hope is that we can get that drug to you quick enough so that you don’t get sick enough to have to be hospitalized,” said Garner.

The medication prescribed by a health physician is only available to patients who meet specific requirements. These include being at high risk of developing severe covid symptoms and having underlying health issues.

“You can’t just ask for the drug and get it necessarily; your doctor needs to let you know if you’re one of those that qualify,” said Garner.

Under emergency use authorization, the drug has been administered to qualifying patients for the past few weeks.

“I’ve heard anodically that the treatment is going very, very well for patients. we are asking patients not to contact the emergency department if they are interested in the drug.

Bamlanivimab is an iv infusion that is a three-hour process. West Tennessee Healthcare is looking to expand the treatment to other facilities soon.

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