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New Therapy Farm Comes to West Tennessee

JACKSON,Tn.- The Therapy Farm had its official ribbon cutting celebration today! The Therapy Farm uses nature and therapy to service clients in the West Tennessee area. 39 News spoke with the owners about how this unique way of therapy came about.

“I love working with people and providing therapy services. I do trauma therapy for children and for women and animals and nature. it is such a great way to provide therapy services and help people feel comfortable and just create a safe and welcoming environment,” says Emily Kalinowski founder & therapist.

The Therapy Farm offers various types of sessions ranging from traditional to interactive.

“I do traditional talk therapy in the office. We do walk and talk therapy. We have nature trails. When we walk through the woods, we walk around, and we also do animal assisted interventions and activities with the animal. so it kind of covers the scope of things. and it can vary depending on the age and the developmental needs of the client,” says Kalinowski.

Caroline Mrowiec is the occupational therapist at The Therapy Barn, and she explains how thrilled she is to go into business with her best friend.

“So, we grew up together and we're just watching some videos of us when we were younger, and we were talking about how our dream was to grow up and live in the same place and to have chickens and cats. And here we are with more than chickens and cats. So, it really is a dream come true.”

Mrowiec specializes in therapy for children. She says that one of the most rewarding things is witnessing the growth and development in the kids that come to the farm.

“The thing that has been so great about the clients I've had so far is that they've been so wonderful about coming to their sessions consistently and doing the home programs that I give them. and because of that, they're coming back to me and saying like, wow, we've really seen change. And like things have really turned around for our child.”

The Therapy Farm is located in Toone, Tennessee. They offer sessions for both children and adults and are currently accepting new clients. If you would like to know more about the therapy farm, you can visit

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