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New temporary housing for children removed from their homes announced at Jackson Rotary


The “plight of children in west Tennessee” was the big today at the Jackson Rotary Club meeting.

Juvenile Court Judge Christy Little spoke to the Jackson rotary club about the important of “home”

And how difficult it is for children when they are removed from one.

Judge Little also shared the frightening story of what sometimes happens in west Tennessee when children are removed from a home, “I would ask, where are they going to go? And they would say, well, they're going to go to the office. … and I found out from the caseworkers who would come in tired and from the children that they may have slept two or three nights… in the DCS office.”

The judge told the Rotary Club members that those children had to sleep on the floor while they waited for family members or foster homes.

When judge little heard about the issue of children sleeping on the floor she reached out to west

Tennessee health care.

"We recently acquired another home for that was going to be used for hospitality. And when i heard this need, it was automatic. It was a given that this is what our health system needed to do to help take care of kids,” said West Tennessee Health Care President James Ross.

“And as a result of just telling him that, we now have a facility where children will be able to stay in a home setting until they're able to find either a permanent home or a temporary home, or until they can go home with their parents,” said Judge Little.

The children's case workers will stay at the home with the children.

The home is fully funded by West Tennessee Healthcare.

Counseling will also be available for the children through Pathways.

Judge Little said, "it will make me feel better to know that that child is going to get the services they need. And i can go to bed at night knowing that it's going to be a better day for them. And that is a huge relief.”

James Ross of West Tennessee Health Care says his agency is pleased to be able to help the children of west Tennessee.

Now, they are turning to the community for help: asking for donations of furniture and supplies for the children who will be staying at the home.

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