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New Recycling Center Encourages You to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

JACKSON, Tenn. - We’re back at the new recycling center but this time to answer a big question you might have, “Is this recyclable?”

I’ll start off with my empty Dunkin Donuts coffee cup.

It’s plastic, and if you look at the bottom, you see the number five with three little arrows around it.

This one cup is labeled as recyclable five times.

Like many other plastics, the cup can be recycled more than once.

Another question is, “How do I know what recycling bin this goes in?”.

The recycling center has attendants ready to help you place your plastics, paper, cardboard, and aluminum in the right bin.

The World Economic Forum reports that globally, we produce 400 million tons of plastic waste every year.

Some materials, such as glass and aluminum, have relatively higher recycling rates and can be recycled countlessly.

A common concern from the community is if the materials are actually being recycled.

Previously, this wasn’t always the case.

Now, however, the city’s mission is to divert as much recyclable materials as possible from local landfills and waste streams.

The city of Jackson reports the accepted items at the recycling center are taken to local vendors to complete the next phase of the recycling process.

The materials are transported to various vendors that accept each of those streams, and each of the partners will give certificates guaranteeing proof of recycling.

To learn more about the recyclability of your materials, or to drop off, you can visit the recycling center at 74B Conalco Drive.

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