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New project starts this week, expanding Interstate 40

In Jackson, interstate 40 is a busy highway. whether drivers are headed to a local destination or just passing through, those roads carry over fifty-thousand vehicles a day.

“You know, this area of the interstate carries about 55,000 cars a day,” said community relations officer Nichole Lawrence.

Lawrence says that the amount of traffic passing by includes heavy truck vehicles.

“twenty-five percent of that is truck traffic, so it’s just important that we get that area widened,” said Lawrence.

At a little over 5 miles from east of exit 82 to east of exit 87, 2 additional lanes are being added, making a total of six lanes for travelers.

“This is an $87.9 million project,” said Lawrence.

The project also includes replacing five bridges near Henderson, Campbell, and Watson, including two railway bridges.

Construction is seven days a week, from 7 pm- 6 am.

“Just a perfect time to remind everyone to watch where you’re going. Workers are working around the clock in different projects,” said Lawrence.

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