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New Police Technology is being used in Jackson to keep people safe


the Jackson police department is using this new camera technology to keep citizens safe.

it’s a flock safety camera system and it’s equipped with a license plate reader. And it notifies the police of stolen vehicles, missing persons, missing children, any type of alert comes out of the NCIC that the law enforcement uses for those updates," says Police Cheif Julian Wiser.

The cameras are only used to identify license plates registered in the NCIC. The National Crime Information Center used by law enforcement. These cameras have been up and running for about two weeks and have already been used to catch a suspect.

“The second day that we had these cameras up we had an alert on a stolen vehicle out of Illinois, our officers did a traffic stop which resulted in the arrest of a homicide suspect that was driving the vehicle from Chicago, Illinois,” says Cheif Wiser.

Chief wiser says that the twenty cameras dispersed around the busiest roads in Jackson have also led to the recovery of twelve stolen vehicles or license plates. The police department is two weeks into a sixty-day trial period for the cameras.

“You know after sixty days we will evaluate the data and see how successful each camera is…once after these sixty days they’ll be a cost associated with the cameras that we keep,” says Cheif Wiser.

The police department will have to pay approximately 25-hundred dollars for each of the cameras they choose to keep.

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