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New Police Dog is Donated a Bullet Proof Vest

JACKSON, Tenn. - The Madison County sheriff’s department was donated a bullet proof vest for its new K-9 officer, Rico.

The Jackson Dog Fanciers Association made a paws-itive impact on the Madison County sheriff’s department by donating this bullet proof vest for Rico, the department’s new K9 officer.

“Just like an officer, Rico is certainly an officer just like any of the deputies or sheriffs here at the Madison County sheriff’s office, we take that to heart, we want to make sure Rico is protected.”

Jeff Walls at the Madison County sheriff’s department knows K9 officers are often on the front line in life-threatening situations, that’s why the Jackson Dog Fanciers Association made the vest donation its main community service project of the year.

“The dogs are officers, and we want that officer to be protected just like a normal human officer would be when they go into a hazardous situation that could be dangerous.”

Dog Fanciers Association president, Laura cox, tells 39 news this is the second vest donation the association has made, the first donation was made years ago to another police dog at the Jackson police department.

The association uses proceeds from its yearly dog shows to provide life-saving equipment to help protect all kinds of dogs.

“What they’ve been able to provide today is going to go a long way to protect Rico, our canine.”

The Madison County sheriff's department reports thanks to the donation, Rico is expected to be out in the field soon.

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