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New Pickleball Courts are On Their Way to Jackson

JACKSON,Tn.-Pickleball has become the world's fastest growing sport in the nation! Because of The growing popularity of the sport, the city of Jackson is looking to add more pickleball courts soon!

In light of National Pickleball Day on Tuesday. Jackson mayor Scott Conger has announced that 6 pickleball courts are being added to Conger Park this year and over 20 courts are expected by the end of 2025. 39 News spoke with some local pickleball players about the mayor’s big announcement.

“So last fall, we contacted Parks and Rec and they got the mayor involved. And the mayor was very receptive and supportive of giving us more courts. So, what we plan to do is bring people to Jackson through pickleball. We want to improve the community and bring in tax dollars,” explained Julie Wigger, CEO Hub City Picklers

Julie Wigger, the CEO of Hub City Picklers, tells 39 News that more be people have taken an interest in Pickleball over the last couple of years.

“And the demand in our area is that people are looking to get better through lessons and clinics. They love to play competitively and recreationally. It's the fastest growing sport in the world. It's for all ages and athletic abilities.”

Corinne Massey is a senior Pickleball player that works at YMCA in Milan. She explains that she has seen major growth in the sport and is excited to see more courts being added in Tennessee.

“Because of the popularity of pickleball, we do have people that have to wait on courts and fortunately, during peak seasons or peak times of the day, when mostly in the evenings when people are off work, and the temperatures are a little cooler. And so, this is definitely with our courts being new, we've had a lot of people come from Jacks and to play and when it gets crowded here.”

If you are interested in learning more about Pickleball or possibly trying the sport out, you can visit Hub City Picklers or Milan YMCA on the Facebook social media platform.

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