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New McKenzie Mayor is Elected for the First Time After More than Ten Years

JACKSON, Tenn. - After over a decade, McKenzie has sworn in a new mayor.

New mayor Ryan Griffin was sworn into office today.

He is the first mayor to be elected after mayor Jill Holland who served for ten years.

Griffin hopes to build on the foundation she has laid.

I’m looking forward to hopefully carrying the legacy mayor Holland left, and just building up on what we have started and hopefully going to see it finished and making the future better for the citizens of McKenzie.”

Griffin outlines his priorities as the newly elected mayor.

“Park and recreation is one of the top things on my list, community safety, and making sure our police are working at the best and top of their ability and looking at ways to bring jobs with the Industrial Board and Chamber of Commerce.”

Councilwoman Josefina Batton was one of those reelected.

“I’ve had the opportunity to serve for the last two years, and it gave me a little bit of sense of what is to be expected but today I’m feeling a lot of responsibility on my shoulders to carry what we did two years and go beyond the two years.”

Mayor Griffin started serving in the community as a volunteer more than ten years ago.

His goal now is to help grow McKenzie and contribute to the city.

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