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New iPads at Trenton's Health and Rehabilitation Center help residents cope with the Pandemic

A rehab center here in Trenton just received some new iPads, and these new devices have made a tremendous impact on staff and residents.”

When the Trenton healthcare and rehabilitation center received a donated iPad from the local Elks lodge, they realized one device was not enough.

“Then we were able to find a grant, through the state of Tennessee that allowed us to purchase any communication devices to help with socialization and things like that during covid-19. so we were able to purchase two iPads and two stands,” said Katie Burke.

They even bought some speakers for sound.

Burke, the center’s clinical liaison, says the iPads are necessary tools for residents to facetime their loved ones and friends. As the screen is larger than a cellular device, their senior patients can see better.

“It’s been great because when this first started, we started out using cellphones to FaceTime and so that screen is alot smaller. So when we were able to make that first facetime call with the iPad, some tears were shed that day,” Burke said.

They now have three iPads total, and the new equipment is also used for therapy.

“Our therapy is using them also to help with communications as well as occupational and physical skills,” said Burke.

Health experts say social isolation and loneliness are serious public health risks, and staying busy helps with mental health.

“They’re downloading games; they’re playing with some of the tactile and sensory things that they have on there.”

As visitation is restricted, Burke says these new devices have made it easier for residents to deal with the pandemic.

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