New app is connecting people with Hub City History


The Jackson-madison county bicentennial celebration continues with a combination of the past and the present. Here in madison county, there’s a brand-new way for history to come alive right from your phone.

Hop in the car open the visit Jackson, TN! app. Once you're in the app you're going to click on tours. Then scroll all the way down to Bicentennial historic stops. You'll have over forty options to choose from of where to go and explore history, like the historic Greyhound bus station. Or learn about music at the Carnegie, home of Casey Jones or over forty other locations.

The app includes directions to all of the locations and information about the history of each site. If you want to take the entire tour it will take approximately three and a half hours to visit the forty-four sites. The visit Jackson, TN! app is free on the apple and android app stores.

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