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Nationwide auto group launches new campaign aimed to help child pedestrians stay safe

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - As the school year begins and morning traffic increases across the country, AAA is launching a new awareness campaign aimed to remind drivers to slow down in neighborhoods and school zones.

The School’s Open, Drive Carefully campaign is focusing on eliminating distractions for drivers and re-enforcing traffic laws when passing bus stops.

The message of the campaign is so crucial to discuss because drivers need to be aware of the dangers child pedestrians face before or after school hours.

AAA has recently performed a survey analyzing the driving behaviors of Tennesseans and their relations consultant shares some of their results.

“What we found is that over half of Tennesseans drive through either a school bus stop and a school zone in their normal daily commute, but now we are heading into a time where school zone is starting to turn back on. We are starting to see more pedestrian traffic, so this campaign serves as a reminder for drivers to be extra vigilant,” said Megan Cooper, Tennessee Public and Government, Relations Consultant at AAA: The Auto Club Group.

AAA wants to remind drivers to slow down, make complete stops, eliminate distractions, share the road, and talk to your teen.

You can visit the AAA's website for more helpful tips to assist drivers and pedestrians to ensure safety for all using the roadways.

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