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National STEM Day: How Rose Hill Middle School Prepares for Toyota Hub City Grand Prix Using STEM

JACKSON, Tn.-Today is National STEM Day. Celebrating Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics!

39 News visited one local school who has taken one STEM project to new heights.

STEM impacts our everyday lives, and our world. Rose Hill middle school has used their talents in STEM to create a unique greenhouse friendly electric car. This car that they created from scratch will be used in this weekend’s Toyota Hub City Grand Prix!

“What it entails for us to get our car, all of our tools and materials over to the stadium, setting up our pit area, getting everybody in their spot. The race is 90 minutes with 2 12-volt batteries. You can't charge them once you start, your pit crew has to be ready if a bolt falls out, If anything happens, take care of it and you're trying to see how many laps you can make in 90 minutes.” said Tiffany Rechis, Teacher at Rose Hill

Rechis explained that they used every component of STEM to create their electric vehicle.

“Well, STEM is science, technology, engineering and math. And originally this project encompassed all four of those. And then here at Rosehill, we were working on the engineering design process. And the three main parts that we really have done with this car was the creation of it, the testing of it and then the improvement of it.” explained Rechis.

8th grade student Carter Pate will be the driver during Saturday's race. He explained how STEM has allowed him to enjoy projects like these.

“I do really enjoy the science and mathematics classes that I have, and this also boosts my joy for them because it shows me how they can be applied in real life.” said Pate

If you would like to see Rose Hill Middle School compete in the Toyota Hub City Grand Prix, you can catch them at the Rockabilly Baseball Stadium this Saturday at 10:30 AM.

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