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National First Responders day


Today is national first responder's day and some businesses and groups here in west Tennessee marked the day by finding ways to honor and thank our local first responders. =

“Everybody likes to be appreciated, and that’s what this is. This is like an act of kindness,” Tom Mapes of the Madison County sheriff's office.

It was in 2017 when congress first designated October 28th as national first responders' day. Many businesses mark the day by offering discounts or free items for first responders, and that includes some local businesses here in west Tennessee.

The old country store gave out gift cards to first responders who ate there today, that they could come back and enjoy a meal on the house.

“We always like to give back to them and thank them for their service to our community,” says Brianna Kline of the Old country store.

And it's not just today: Brianna Kline says that the old country store tries to give back by offering first responders discounts all year long.

Birth Choice also pitched in today by hosting a free meal for first responders.

“It’s just a time where we really need to show our support for first responders… that’s not always done so we are trying to step up and do that as a service for them since they do so much for our community,” says Tiffany Dawson.

Tom Mapes with the sheriff’s department says, unfortunately, too many times they are not met with kindness or appreciation,

“You know what’s gone on the last few years with law enforcement and the image and the mood…and it affected us being able to recruit people because not as many people want to get into law enforcement today as there used to be.”

But Tom says days like today go a long way in encouraging first responders, “it’s just a great boost of morale.”

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