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National Egg Price Surge is Affecting a Local Bakery

JACKSON, Tenn. - The national increase in egg prices has affected many bakeries, including Floral Cakes in Jackson.

The rising cost of eggs is denting household and even business budgets.

Some businesses mostly affected by this are local bakeries.

Data from the Consumer Price Index reports egg prices have gone up sixty percent from last year.

“We know pretty much how many eggs we typically use in a day, so we’ve kind of had to double that said amount to put aside and kind of cut back to make sure we don’t have any waste.”

Owner of Floral Cakes Bakery, Genevieve Dupree, is making adjustments to still provide the community with freshly baked cupcakes amidst the egg shortage.

“If this does continue, there will be a slight height rate in our prices, but we will let our customers know exactly where we are with this.”

Dupree has budgeted the cost of eggs since she opened her bakery almost one year ago but is now budgeting egg costs in her household as well.

“It’s very simple as to being able to budget for eggs at home, less omelets for the husband.”

Dupree is expecting to make adjustments for her customers as the egg prices change.

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