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National Crime Victims' Rights Week Begins

In April 1981, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed the first national crime victims' rights week. National Crime Victims' Rights Week is dedicated to supporting people who have been victims of crime and to honor those who may no longer be with us. 39 News spoke to WRAP Development Coordinator Jenci Spradlin about how their program helps victims of violence.

“WRAP. stands for the women's and men's resource and rape assistance program. we've been in operation since 1975 and we serve 20 counties in West Tennessee to support survivors of domestic and sexual assault.”

Spradlin explains how their organization provides assistance to victims of assault.

"So, we support survivors of both domestic violence and sexual assault in a number of ways. We have advocates that can meet with them directly to help with their safety, planning, and emotional well-being.

WRAP also provides law enforcement assistance.

“And then if they do want to engage the law enforcement process, judicial process, we can help them with orders, filing orders of protection, connect them to legal representation, legal services, and help them go to court and kind of provide them an idea of what happens in court, their rights, stuff like that throughout that process.

The theme of this year's National Crime Rights Victims

week is Survivors Voices: Elevate. Engage. Effect change. Encouraging communities to support survivors and create a safe space for people to come forward about their abuse. The state of Tennessee will be hosting a dove release ceremony to honor crime victims this Friday at 11am in Chattanooga. The event located at the Walker Pavilion in Coolidge Park. If you or someone you know is a victim of violence you can contact WRAP’S 24/7 hotline at 1-800-273-8712,

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