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Mothers in Jackson React to Nashville School Shooting

JACKSON, Tenn. - The mass shooting at The Covenant School is affecting many people in Tennessee, especially here in Jackson.

Mothers in particular are thinking of the three children’s mothers.

“Despite your political beliefs, your race, who you voted for, I think we can all agree our children’s safety is more important than our personal opinions.”

Jamie Davolt is a mother of two small children.

She has a son and a daughter.

She believes everyone can agree that their children deserve to feel safe going to school.

She wants people, especially mothers, to come together during this difficult time, and not be divided by different beliefs.

“Especially since both of my children attend a private Christian school, and you bring them to schools, especially private Christian ones, thinking and hoping that they’re going to be safe, and you’re putting them in a safe environment.”

Davolt was shaken when she learned the shooting happened at a Presbyterian private school.

Both of her children go to a private Christian school here in Jackson, and she worries for her children’s safety.

When she saw a picture of one of the victims, she couldn’t help but to think of the mother of the victim.

“Seeing the face of one of the children who was killed, all I saw was my daughter’s face in that picture… that could have been my child, and this was just two hours away, and this can happen anywhere to anyone.”

Davolt is calling for people to unite, and not be divided, in order for change to happen.

She wants her children, and everyone’s children, to be safe at their schools.

She tells 39 News she believes communities are more impactful than they may think when they come together.

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