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Mother Speaks Out on Autism Awareness

JACKSON, Tn.- The federal government reports autism spectrum disorder affects about 1 in every 68 children. Autism is a complex brain disorder that hinders a person's ability to communicate, respond to surroundings and form relationships. 39 News had the opportunity to speak with a mother who has a child with Autism about some of the challenges she has overcome.

“It was a learning curve in the beginning. Some of the first signs and symptoms are when they don't communicate as well with others, a lack of communication. So, we started out with a lot of occupational therapy, speech therapy, trying to overcome some of the adverse effects of autism,” says Kristi Sorrell.

Kristi Sorrell mentions some of things that has helped her child.

“So sometimes the more repetitive you push them, the better they become. if you push them past their comfort level, that helps a lot with textures, with food. somebody once told me, make my son take a mouse bite of everything on his plate. just so the exposure was there. and it keeps them growing due to that exposure.”

Kristi has some words of encouragement for mothers whose children are affected by autism.

“First of all, patience is key. Some days are going to be easy and you're going to think this was a great day and some days you're going to have a harder day. and that's typical. Just remember that they struggle, too. and if you can be patient with them and help them through those hard days, the good days are going to be there.”

Special education teacher Molly Anderson told us about her experience working with children with autism.

“I think every child is different. it is. Autism is different and each child never looks the same. so, I think just most importantly it's. just learning that child and what they are best at and how they learn and what they're willing to work for and kind of adapting their curriculum to help them thrive.”

Although Autism affects the livelihood of people on a day to day, Autism Awareness month is dedicated to reflecting on the progress made and spreading awareness of autism spectrum disorder. If you or someone you know has autism and is in need of support. You can visit

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