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More snow came to the Hub City, city department preparing for what is under

It looks like we went back in time to Monday afternoon. More snow came in and street departments are going back out here to plow this new snow away, but as temps rise they have a few more issues to worry about.

An average of three to five inches of snow came down and street crews say this snow may be more manageable than earlier snow fall.

Director of the Street Department in Jackson, Percy Jones, explains that with the rising temps will help the salt melt the snow.

“They’re going to be a whole lot better because the temperature has risen and the salt started to work a little bit better than when it was too cold to work," says Jones.

But also as temps rise we will start to see what the snow will leave behind like water and pot holes.

“We are in the process now, where we have to get stuff cleaned up because this is probably at the end of the snow and we just want everybody to be careful, because you don’t know what’s up under it. It could have caused a pot hole in some way. We’ve got to clean it up though," adds Jones.

Jones say the plan is for his team to have the main roads and some other roads clear by Monday. They also will be looking for potholes caused by the winter weather. Jackson residents can report potholes in their neighborhood on the ready 311 app.

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