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More negative news from Jackson Madison Health Department Covid-19 Briefing (9/8/21)


The regional health department hosted another covid-19 briefing this morning they had more bad news when it comes to the Covid-19 pandemic here in West Tennessee.

Cases continue to rise in West Tennessee as over six hundred new positive cases have been reported since Friday

Director of the Jackson-Madison county health department Kim Tedford says that these cases are not the result of labor day weekend gatherings,

“remember, we won’t see those positive cases pop up for probably the next two weeks.”

Tedford went on to say that cases of the delta variant could appear in the next three to five days due to the rapid infection time of the variant. She says this may cause an even larger surge in the number of positive cases.

The number of current cases has already caused staffing and facility overload at Jackson General Hospital.

In addition to the national guardsmen that are already helping the hospital staff more aid is on the way for the hospital.

“The US department of health and human services has deployed fourteen individuals to the national disaster medical system to our hospital. A physician, nurse practitioner, several physicians’ assistants, three nurses, three paramedics and some administrative support people and a pharmacist," says Amy Garner of West Tennessee Healthcare.

Currently, at Jackson General all of the ICU beds are full and they only have a few unused ventilators. However, garner says that the main issue is staffing for the facility. The disaster relief staff will be working at Jackson General for two weeks unless the hospital requests support for longer.

As the cases continue to rise hospital staff expect to see more covid patients being admitted.

Dr. Jackie Taylor says that they can only treat so many people, "if they fill up, they fill up. That’s one of our messages on why the community needs to get involved in this. There is an end to the treatment we can offer. That’s not the answer I want to give you, it's mainly not the physical facility as it is the personnel.”

Dr. Taylor also shared some alarming news about the way the delta variant is affecting people, “we’ve experienced that once a patient gets on the ventilator there’s about a ninety percent chance that they're not going to make it. So it is much more aggressive, much more virint than the Wuhan virus was earlier.”

Medical professionals and leaders here in west Tennessee voiced one positive during the briefing, the rise in vaccinations.

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