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Milan School Board approves $2,000/$1,500 bonuses for teachers

Educators continue to work non stop throughout the pandemic. After weeks of discussion on how to reward and show appreciation the Milan Special School District, school board recently approved to give those educators a monetary thank you, for all of their hard work.

“When we first shut down back in March our employees continued to make sandwiches, load sandwiches, deliver sandwiches throughout our community. We were delivering over 10,000 meals to our community," says director of schools for the Milan Special School District, Jonathan Criswell.

Certified teachers will receive a $2,000 bonus and educational assistants and non certified staff will receive $1,500.

Gregory Horton, Ward 4 board member, says the vote from the board was unanimous and they really wanted to show the teachers they are appreciated.

“Some of the households, as you know with the pandemic would have lessen, loss income so I think it was a big help for everyone," says Horton.

The district is combining funds from the federal and state level to supply these bonuses before summer break. Educators in Milan can expect to see their bonus on their April or May paycheck.

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