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JACKSON Tn.- Middle school student Alyiah Yelverton was suspended for 5 days for videoing a school fight and posting it on Snapchat. The mother was surprised to find out that her daughter’s suspension is longer than the kids who fought. 39 News spoke to the mother of the girl who took the video.

“So, what my daughter has told me is that the boy that initiated this fight has been bullying this other child for quite some time. and this kid finally stood up to the bully. and when he did, I guess the bully was surprised, and then he threw a punch, and then it just went from there and she posted it on her snapchat story.”

Baily Yelverton says she reached out to the West Bemis Middle School to ask about her daughter's suspension.

“I mean, Ms.Neely said that it was up to the principal, it was up to his discretion, and he had called my husband this morning and said that he wanted to talk to me…and he was wanting to apologize for handling the way he handled it.”

Her mom says that Aliyah texted her about the conversation she had with Vice Principal Mia Neely.

“So, I told Miss Neely that y'all have raised me right and y'all still are and she says that she knows, and she still loves me and knows that I'm a good kid. But she said that she does deserve to get suspended, and her phone taken away.”

West Bemis Middle school does have a policy in place for electronics on campus. It states that students can have their phones on campus, but they have to be put away unless otherwise instructed. For more information on Jackson Madison County school policy, you can visit

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