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Memorial Day is about more than a day off

WNBJ (Parker Crossroads)-

Memorial Day is meant to be a solum day of remembrance for the dead for the men and women who have served our country and to honor the veterans still with us.

Jackie Utley the chair of the West Tennessee veterans coalition says that we need to take the holiday more seriously and respect its intended purpose.

“It’s a day of reflection, you wouldn’t go up to someone after a funeral and go, happy funeral, so happy memorial day is really not what you should say. We will remember or we will thank them for their service or we will say their name. Those are all appropriate things to say on Memorial day,” says Utley.

On Memorial day there will be a national moment of remembrance at 3 pm central time. Everyone is asked to pause to reflect and honor our veterans for two minutes.

Earlier today Parkers Crossroads veterans cemetery held a service to honor the veterans no longer with us.

The ceremony included an honor guard that paid their respects to all of the service members that rest at the cemetery. Gimmy Mcgill the Parkers Crossroads honor guard president says, “I’d like to see each and all veterans get what they deserve as far as recognition"

Memorial Day is all about recognizing the sacrifices that U.S. veterans made. Whatever you do this weekend take some time to honor and remember those that died protecting us and the veterans around you that protected the freedoms that we love.

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