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Memorial Day in Jackson Tennessee

JACKSON, Tn.-Memorial Day is a day to honor and celebrate the lives of those who helped shape this country. For others it could also mean the unofficial kickoff to summer. 39 news met two Tennesseans who had a unique way of kicking off the summer.

“We're doing this scavenger hunt,” exclaimed Wendy Townsend.

“Yes, it's a scavenger hunt. access between a scavenger and self-guided tour. and it's really, really great. it's been very exciting," Erica Moses.

This was the first year they participated in a scavenger hunt on Memorial Day. So, we had to ask, how would you typically celebrate the holiday?

“Well, typically for myself, I'd be with my family members, but we've all really celebrated. and so, I want to do something because of all that great eating. I wanted to do something that was relaxing outdoors, and it would get me moving again. and so, this was a perfect exercise in the brain and exercising my physical body,” said Erica Moses.

“For me, Memorial Day usually is kind of a laid-back chill kind of day with family and friends,” replied Wendy Townsend.

On Memorial Day, most businesses are closed, and the world slows down to stop and remember the servicemen who have lost their lives to protect their country. As we look across Jackson, we also see family picnics, swimming pools opening, BBQ’s, and a celebration of the summer. Happy Memorial Day, Tennessee.

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