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Medina Man Collects over 50 Bonsai Trees

Medina, TN. (WNBJ 39) -

Meet Edwin Robling, he started practicing an artform 7 years ago that has left him with a collection of over 50 trees, but these aren’t just any old trees. Not this, not this, or these. The trees we’re talking about are a little bit smaller.

This artform is called bonsai, which utilizes traditional techniques to produce entire natural sceneries in small pots that mimic the shape of real-life sceneries. Edwin Robling told 39 News, “I started, I use to work for a hospital system and one of my employees gave me an orchid and told me they could never get it to rebloom, and it took it as a challenge. Then I bought a little bonsai tree from Home Depot one of those little one that people see and I killed it.”

Since then, Robling has collected and planted over 50 bonsai, with his backyard as his own person botanic garden.

He has entered his bonsai trees into two competitions, one in Nashville, Tennessee. And one in Rochester, New York, where the international bonsai competition is held. People from across the globe enter the competition, only about 135 trees are selected from the entries. What’s next from Robling is to enter his trees into the next competition in 2 years and this time, take home the gold.

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