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MCSO host press conference to promote the use of SAVIN service

MADISON COUNTY, TN (WNBJ) - The Madison County Sheriff’s Department and the Tennessee Sheriff’s Association hosted a press conference today promoting a new service to help crime victims.

That new service is called SAVIN, which is an acronym for Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification.

SAVIN provides free, confidential access to offender custody information by phone or online.

“SAVIN is so important to crime victims. It gives you some empowerment, but most of all it can give you peace of mind, where you can go to bed at night knowing you are going to get notified if something happens and that inmate gets out of jail before you thought or transferred,” said Gary Cordell, the State Coordinator at the Tennessee Sheriff’s Association for the SAVIN program.

This program is used by all 95 county sheriff’s departments across the state of Tennessee.

Crockett County’s Sheriff was at the press conference in support of the SAVIN service and explains how the program helps the department.

“Before SAVIN, you feel that responsibility to try to notify a crime victim, and sometimes that falls through the cracks. So, it is a relief to me that if we advise you of it and explain it to you, a crime victim, they are able to go in there and actually be notified in real-time,” said Sheriff Troy Klyce of the Crockett County Sheriff’s Office.

Madison County’s Sheriff explains how easy it is to use the service.

“Well, I can get on my phone and pull it up and search and find that person, so it helps them. But, everybody can do it. It is no cost to it. It’s a service,” said Sheriff John Mehr of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office.

The Tennessee Sheriff’s Association has posted billboards a part of a marketing campaign in several areas in Madison County to inform the public on how to register for the service.

To register you can visit or by calling 1-800-501-0367.

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