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McKenzie's own Kirsten Sass is headed to the 2020 Paralympics


Carrol county residents came out with signs and t-shirts to cheer Kirsten Sass on as she prepares to compete as a guide in the Paralympics triathlon. Sass has been running triathlons for the last twenty years but she’s spent the last four years running with Amy Dixon.

“We are just so excited for the experience, just to take it all in. To be able to share that Amy to make this happen for her it’s something she’s been working for… this is something I never ever expected, I mean I love to do this, and I do it because I love it, but this is just beyond my wildest dreams,” says Kirsten Sass.

Sass was originally a last-minute replacement as Dixon’s guide in Yokoyama Japan. Since then, every moment has been training to get to the 2020 Paralympics. Sass and Dixon got the opportunity to run the Olympic course in Tokyo two years ago. Sass originally got into triathlons with her late father. Sass and her father adopted the acronym “KMF: keep moving forward”.

What a great moto it applies to life as well as sport. Sometimes when everything is asking you to slow down just for a minute, stop, sit down, take a break, but if you can just keep moving forward even if it's just putting one foot in front of the other you’re going to make it to your destination," says Sass.

McKenzie mayor jill holland and Carroll country mayor joseph butler issued proclamations honoring sass and naming august twelve miss Kirsten sass day in Carroll county.

“She’s more than deserving you see that in her accomplishments…but also from a community perspective she means so much to our community beyond just being now an Olympian…health initiatives, education initiatives, health care as a physician assistant, she is the perfect community stakeholder. She loves this community, and we love her back,” says Carroll County Mayor Joseph Butler.

You can watch the triathlon on NBC sports from 5:30 to 9:30 on Friday august 27th

Kirsten Sass and Amy Dixon back where it all began, in Tokyo, but this time it’s the Olympics. McKenzie, Carroll County and all of the United States will cheering them on as they race.

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