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Mayor Scott Conger and Jackson Arts Council push for more youth art

The Mayors Art Initiative can be seen around the city from new murals to window designs, now art is taking on the walls of City Hall.

Mayor Scott Conger launched the art initiative in 2019. In conjunction with the Jackson Arts Council they are making sure art of the youth is seen.

“I think it is great that we are apart of a community that supports the arts on several different levels but supporting the arts with the youth is very important and it really just adds so much vibrancy to our community," says Melinda Hearn Reid, Executive Director of Jackson Arts Council.

The 'Mayors Collection of Masterpieces' will line City Hall’s 3rd floor walls.

Starting out the collection will show art from students kindergarten to 8th grade, in the spring it will rotate to high school students.

Hearn Reid adds, “we’re really looking forward to seeing both 2D and 3D art work, express their love of Jackson and their hometown pride and spirit that they feel. And we are looking forward to how they express themselves.”

In a joint statement Mayor Conger says he is looking forward to seeing jackson through the youth’s art.

They are asking art teachers to submit work from 4 to 6 students for the wall on March 8th.

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