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Mask mandate battle continues in the state

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - Mask mandates in schools are still a hot topic in the state of Tennessee. With Gov. Bill Lee’s new law preventing schools from issuing mask mandates being blocked last week by court order the fight over masks continues.

According to the Nashville newspaper The Tennessean, the court order blocking the new law will likely last through Thanksgiving.

The new law prohibits public school districts from enacting mask mandates unless pandemic conditions reach levels seen only in the worst weeks recorded last winter and again during the delta variant surge.

The current fight over masks has people in the hub city talking and many are siding with the governor saying they should not have mask mandates in schools.

One retired teacher in Jackson believes masks are not necessary for the classroom.

“From a psychological standpoint for the students, I think it is very difficult for them to pick up nonverbal cues and see whether the teacher is smiling if others are smiling. Especially, for the elementary grades, I think it is very detrimental,” said Alanna, a Jackson resident.

Another Jackson resident says he believes mask mandates should stay in places in school because he experienced a loss due to COVID.

“I think it should be required. My brother was the first person to die in Madison County last year. His name was Corey Marshall and I think if everything would have been said in the very beginning by our government, especially by the Trump administration, maybe more precautions would have been taken. He may not have contracted the disease," said Salis Brown, a Jackson resident.

The Tennessean article says the next hearing in the case is set for Friday.

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