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March Madness is having an Economic Impact on Jackson

Alexander Bitterling



March madness is underway all across the country! This weekend, the Union University Lady Bulldogs are hosting the NCAA division two south region tournament right at the Fred Delay Gymnasium in Jackson, potentially bringing hundreds of visitors into our community

“You figure seven teams coming into town, each of those bringing probably about 20 people with the team and then any followers that they have, which that'll vary from community to community. but that's a significant number that's going to hit Jackson. they'll be out. not only will they be eating out, but they'll be shopping. they'll be buying gas. they'll be staying in our hotels,” said Lori Nunnery of Visit Jackson TN. She says its going to be a big weekend for the economy in Jackson.

Seven teams and their fans are in Jackson for the tip off of the tournament and those visitors are filling up local hotels.

“It is more business. we've had people come in from out of town to make reservations, to stay with us from ohio and different places. they have nieces that are actually in the tournament, and they want to stay with us. we have three teams here with us,” said Charis Davis of the Double Tree.

She says they are glad Union was able to host the tournament and bring visitors in, “We're glad to have them. and we want to continue this. we hope that union wins every time so we can get the team. so, we're excited about it. absolutely.”

Businesses are exciting to have the tournament in Jackson after two years of lock downs and cancelled events due to Covid, “It’s been a very rough two years, actually. so, to see the teams come in is kind of like we got movement back in the hotel and, you know, it's like things are starting to open up for us again. so we're really excited about it. and it does it boosts revenues,” said Davis.

The tournament tips off tomorrow night and the championship will be on Monday.

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