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Many people are turning to biking as a form of transportation and recreation


Bike riding has grown in popularity over the last few years! It all began when the world was shut down due to the pandemic.

That's how it started, but I think it's maintained just people getting out in the sunshine and feeling better because it's exercising," said Shawn Riggs the owner of Bicycle City of Jackson.

He says people are riding bikes for transportation, exercise, recreation and competition

“We've got kind of a wide variety of riders in this area, so, it's many reasons to ride a bicycle, not only to save gas… for me it's just I liked being outdoors and, you know, riding a bike. I can look, I can go a long way and there's nothing obstructing my view so I get to see all the great outdoors," Riggs said.

Bicycle City has had trouble meeting the demand due to supply chain issues, “I got these in probably about a month ago, and they're really the first bikes I've had on my floor for people to come in and just look at and buy since 20, 20. So I didn't get anything in 21 to sit on the floor," Riggs said.

Riggs says many are having to do what they can to keep the wheels turning, “They can't get a [new] bike, so they've got a bike and they get it repaired when they really want a new bike, but they can't get a new bike.”

The city of Jackson is working to make the city more friendly for bicycle riders

"If you go to larger towns, more and more places are doing that and we've got some bike lanes in Jackson, but they're fairly short and none of them connect. Once we can start connecting and things, that will be a great thing for Jackson," Riggs said.

Tomorrow night 39 news will have an update Jackson’s plan to make the city more friendly for cyclists.

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