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Many are concerned over the closing of the Therapy and Learning Center


The Therapy and Learning Center have been serving the community since 2008 now West Tennessee Healthcare is closing the doors on the center, the question becomes what will families do without the adult day program.”

“I just want the best for my daughter, and I don't want her to stay at home not doing anything, whatever i want her to continue to be able to go there and keep the routine so that it keeps her stimulated and active,” said Donna Nicholas.

During our phone conversation, Donna Nicholas told us her daughter suffered a stroke and has been going to the center that cares for adults with special needs every week day for the last four years. Donna is worried what her daughter will do without that special care; “She's gonna sit at home with me and she's going to continue to decline, and I honestly don't know how on she'll last because people like her are in a routine on a daily basis. And if you miss any of their routine, it misses the, the whole day life. They can't deal with that.”

Nicholas is disabled herself and says she does her best to take care of her daughter in the evenings and on weekends.

She worries it will be a struggle for her try to provide the same kind of care and service the therapy and learning center now does.

And Donna doesn’t know any other facility that could help; “As far as I know, that's the only one,” she said.

Donna is frustrated with how West Tennessee Healthcare alerted the families.

She said, "We got letters, no phone calls or anything saying as of July first, the funding had been cut for that”

In a statement West Tennessee Healthcare said "increased operational costs without an increase of funding has led to significant and unsustainable operating loses."

But Donna doesn't buy it; “I don't think they're completely telling the whole truth and they just do this on us. Parents that they would be close in because of funding and there has to be emergency funding out there somewhere. Or to care to keep them open. And they keep this from happening again.”

Donna is also concerned how the closing with affect others; “Other people and families, it's going to affect and they're going to be in the same situation as I am.”

West Tennessee Healthcare promises to help its clients transition to another service provider before the center closes in July.

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