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Madison County shootings on the rise

Jackson, TN.

Madison County shootings in past months have been on the rise. Community leaders are bringing the community together to form solutions.

Hub city leaders are bringing the community together to find solutions to recent increase in community shootings. City Councilmen Johnny Dodd hosted a community meeting to bring this issue to the forefront.

Councilmen Dodd states “How can we get our community involved to support our Police Department. The Police Department is doing a great job. They come after the fact, what we have now is a community issue.”

He hopes that in the near future more community leaders will support the cause by getting involved in the conversation.

We spoke with Allen Milton. Owner of the Speedy Release Bond Company spoke with us on why he believes shootings have increased in the area. Mr. Milton says, “They have a lot of time on their hands. I know people that grew up together. They joined different gangs and they go after each other.”

Mr. Milton holds hope young men and women who get trapped in this lifestyle will find their life’s purpose and turn away from the streets, by walking in their true purpose.

Makayla Davis

39 News

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