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Madison County Sheriff's Office Receives Grant for New Body Cameras

Jackson, TN. (WNBJ)-

The Madison County Sheriffs’ Office announced today they will receive a grant of $160,000 for the implementation of 81 body cameras. Madison County’s Sheriff Mehr say’s this new addition is something he is very pleased about.

John Mehr (Madison County Sheriff) stated, “we have not had body cameras at all. We had talked about, and it was a big push for a number of years there.”

The funds received will tremendously aid in the cost of the cameras and the server, which stores the video data from the camera. John Mehr (Madison County Sheriff) informed us, “we looked at body cams several years back, but the cost and maintenance and everything involved were going to be very expensive. We knew wanted to get everything so it would be tied together. This way our car cam and our body cam would be tied hand and hand.

This grant will be implemented in three phases, the first of which include school resource officers, then patrol officers, followed by court services. John Mehr (Madison County Sheriff) explained, “I think that this just helps down on any complaints. And we’ve been very fortunate to have rarely any complaints over the year. Knock on wood. You know but we have that and it also a record that people can see.”

Sheriff Mehr says the body cam footage will be used mostly for court cases.

Makayla Davis

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