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Madison County Sheriff's Office is taking donations for Waverly flood victims

Jackson, TN.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office is bringing the community together to support our Waverly neighbors in their time of need. The department set up trailers outside the Walmart North Jackson store yesterday and will be stationed there for the remainder of the week accepting donations.

A Jackson resident (Steven Papich) spoke with us about why he decided to donate. “Obviously in the news, devastation had happened in Waverly. We feel so bad for these people and when we found out through our next-door neighbor that they needed some help, and that they really needed everything. Everything possible that we could, we just gathered everything. Or the things we thought they could use. Hopefully it’ll help some of them get through.”

A Madison County Commissioner stopped by to donate and informed us of the supportive relationship Waverly and Jackson share. Trey Cleek (county commissioner district 4) stated, “Those same folks were some of the people that came to help us in our hours of need when we have tornados. We have a history of tornadic activity in Jackson Madison County. Those neighbors in Waverly were in line to help us just like we’re in line to help them.”

Jackson residents have definitely shown up and shown out to support flood victims. From cars overflowing with essential items to people stopping by the trailer just to ask..

“What do they need the most guys, bottle of water, food, what? Nonperishable food, canned goods, stuff like that?”

Deputy reeves shares his thoughts on the outpouring of help he’s seen from the community.

Mark Reeves (Deputy with Madison County Sheriff’s Office) stated, “It’s been nonstop. I got here around 4:45 and it’s been nonstop. It’s a good thing, I’m not complaining. But I’ve actually reached out for some more people to come out and help because of the brutal heat.”

Deputy Reeves informed us the County Sheriff has approved another trailer to come out if needed. They will be stationed in front of Walmart Supercenter on Emporium Drive, from 5-7, for the rest of the week.

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