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Madison County Sheriff's Department shares tips for parents to avoid a scare this Halloween


Costumes aren’t the only scary thing on Halloween, Trick or Treating itself can be dangerous. That’s why the Madison County Sheriff’s Department says it’s important to do it safely.

“Kids under a certain age need to obviously be with their parents and not be allowed to go by themselves. Parents need to go to neighborhoods that they trust if they are doing the house. House by house visits for trick or treating. There are some other options that parents might consider more safe," Lieutenant Allen Castlemen of the Madison County Fire Department said.

Castleman says if you don’t feel comfortable taking your children house to house, consider going to an organizations Trunk or Treat.

Neighborhoods will be packed with trick-or-treaters- so be on the lookout when you're on the roads.

Castleman said, “Make sure that you're not speeding through neighborhoods. When it comes to candy, making sure that you are looking at the packaging, making sure the packaging is secure, closed, making sure that the candy looks right before your child eats it”

Social media sites have been a swarm with fears that some may put the deadly drug fentanyl in candy.

“[I] don't really think that that's likely," Castleman said, "But obviously…if they feel that some candy is is suspicious and nature packaging has been opened and or something has been contaminated or something that just doesn't look right, or especially if they find something that is obviously illegal. They need to contact law enforcement immediately and let an officer respond to that and take a look at it.”

With these tips, Halloween doesn’t have to be scary for parents.

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