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Madison County Schools add metal detectors to all schools to increase security


The Madison County School System is looking to improve school security by putting metal detectors in all schools.

“This is an additional layer to provide another defense against people getting on campuses with things that they don't need to have. You know, whether it's can be knives, guns, weapons, vapes, drugs, you know, things that aren't that don't need to be on school campuses. It's that first line of defense against that," said Tim Gilmer the Chief Support Office for the Jackson-Madison County School System.

South Sides Principle Anita Tucker added, “We're just adding something else to the picture to, you know, let people know and let students know, hey, we're looking after your safety and security.”

After the shooting in Uvalde, Texas, earlier this year, the Jackson-Madison County School System began looking into putting metal detectors in all schools.

“Priority number one was keep everybody safe and secure by any means necessary that we need to do that, because nothing else matters. If you can't come into the building and feel safe," Gilmer said.

The school system reached out to the Madison County Commission for funding, “They said, how many do you need?... We're thankful for the funding that they've come up with, enabling us to take dr. King's vision and make all schools have as many safety and security layers as possible….and proud to say that all schools now have walk-through metal detectors that they use on their campuses daily," said Gilmer.

Every morning when the students get to South Side, they walk through this metal detector and have their backpacks searched. Southside tried two protocols before this one- in an attempt to make the process as effective and efficient as possible for the 800-plus students coming to school every day.

“We just had to try several things to see what would work for us. But today was a great day, so we're very pleased with what we've got going now," Tucker said.

The district pledges to continue to make students as safe as possible.

“We're going to do the best of our ability to keep everybody safe and secure on our campuses," Gilmer said.

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